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Welcome To Cash Flow Underwriting Summit 

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How Real Is the Momentum Of Cash Flow Adoption?

Explore the reality of cash flow adoption in the US as industry experts separate hype from reality and share the trends in practical application.  Gain insights into the progress and potential of cash flow underwriting and understand its current and expected impact on the financial landscape.

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A Look Into Open Banking Policies In Action After 1033  

As Section 1033 takes hold, lenders need to be up-to-date on the latest policies to implement fair industry practices and understand the protections put in place that prevent unchecked surveillance and misuse of consumer data.  Attend this session to stay informed of recent policy changes instituted by the CFPB. 


CFUW Performance Across The Credit Spectrum

Credit opportunities in lending contain multitudes.  This session explores using data analytics to achieve sustainable development while maintaining ethical and business standards. We will cover how predictive analytics and data sources are being leveraged for prime and subprime consumers - and highlights the significant impact.



Playing 3D Chess: New Attributes, Analytics, And Scores  

This session explores the intricate process of deploying a new scoring system in today's data-driven environment. We will examine the necessary infrastructure and ROI education needed for successful implementation, addressing potential biases in scoring, and strategies for regulation of cash data.

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The Maturity Curve: Safety & Soundness During Regulatory And Economic Shifts  

Is there a future without incorporating cash flow data into lending practices? Drawing on extensive experience in the regulatory and compliance sector, this panel will argue that a nuanced understanding of cash flow is essential for robust risk management and sustainable lending practices - especially in today’s regulatory environment and macro economy. We will discuss the implications of neglecting cash flow considerations and understand how to prioritize a holistic assessment of borrowers' financial health.



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Practical Applications Of Cash Flow Across The Customer Journey  

Steering Clear Of Compliance Pitfalls

Ready For Launch: Deployment Best Practices

Build It Or Buy It: Finding The Best Fit


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Open Banking In the U.S.  

This session will explore developing a robust partnered ecosystem involving both private and public entities and outcomes including providing highly personalized financial tools. The discussion highlights the operational realities and challenges faced by stakeholders in implementing open banking initiatives.

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The Future of Consumer Credit: What’s Next with Credit Karma

Explore the future of consumer reporting in the open banking era. This session will delve into the integration of bank data into the consumer knowledge (CK) system and the role it plays in enhancing financial insights. We will also discuss how to bring transparency to AI processes within open banking, ensuring that these systems are fair, understandable, and trustworthy. Join us to discover how innovative reporting can empower consumers and drive trust in financial services.

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Closing Remarks Of The Cash Flow Underwriting Summit

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What You'll Learn

Define the present and future of cash flow underwriting use cases

Hear expert advice on the latest in open banking policies & compliance

Foster connections with industry peers and regulators

SEPTEMBER 12, 2024

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