Cash Flow Underwriting Summit 2024

September 12, 2024
New York City

What is the Cash Flow Underwriting Summit 2024?

The credit landscape is at a point of significant transformation. Emerging data sources, evolving regulations, and enhanced analytics are fostering unprecedented opportunities and competition. Among these changes, cash flow underwriting is quickly becoming a prominent growth strategy, offering numerous revenue-generating applications throughout the customer journey.

Introducing the Cash Flow Underwriting Summit 2024: an inaugural assembly of credit industry leaders dedicated to exploring and advancing the utilization of alternative data in lending practices. This exclusive executive summit is by invitation only and will deliver keynote addresses and panel discussions led by industry pioneers and partners. Participants can expect insightful case-based workshops, visionary addresses, and ample networking opportunities aimed at shaping the future of lending.  

Keynote Speakers

Explore some of the experts speaking at the Cash Flow Underwriting Summit 2024

The experience

What You'll Learn


Use cases gaining traction

Learn the fundamentals of deploying cash flow analytics and hear from lenders in our field on lessons learned from failures and challenges


Decisioning analytics models

Explore various forecasting models and the use of advanced metrics that power a more nuanced, robust analyses of a consumer's credit worthiness


Infrastructure & connectivity tools

Evaluate the latest tools to deliver coverage, flexibility, and ease-of-use with multi-source data orchestration and intelligent routing


Regulatory compliance considerations

Understand the evolving regulatory landscape and how to maintain compliance in your practice and organization


Market safety and soundness

Discuss new and emerging financing models and lending options while trading notes on how external factors are affecting the industry


Connect with leading lenders

Take advantage of opportunities to put down the notebook and shake hands with fellow industry veterans who are shaping the future of cash flow underwriting

The experience

What You'll Get

Understand present and future applications of cash flow underwriting

Hear expert advice on open banking implementation, regulation, and compliance

Foster connections with senior industry executives

SEPTEMBER 12, 2024

Schedule of Day

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12pm - 1pm
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1pm - 3pm
Keynote & Mainstage Programming  
3pm - 5pm
Networking Cocktails
5pm - 6pm

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